As part of our proactive measures to keep our patients, staff and visitors safe as we respond to the spread of COVID-19 and to keep the total number of people in the hospital low, the new visitation policy will go into effect March 1, 2021 until further notice.

  • General Acute Care Inpatients: Patient may have 2 visitors during their stay. Upon admission, 2 people will be identified as part of the patient’s care team and will receive a special designated armband. Patients at end of life may have immediate family members in room (within reason and at the discretion of the staff/house manager).
  • COVID-19 Suspect/Confirmed Patients: Patients may not have any visitors unless it is an end of life situation. Patients at end of life may have 2 visitors but these visitors may not change throughout the visit.
  • Labor and Delivery/Postpartum: Upon admission, 2 people will be identified as part of the patient’s care team and will receive a special designated armband. These 2 visitors will be the only ones allowed in the room during the patient’s stay.
  • Pediatric: Visitation is restricted to one parent/guardian and one other adult support person. We encourage any pediatric patient over age 6 who must be in the halls for ambulation to wear a mask.
  • Newborn Follow-up Clinic: One parent/guardian and one other designated adult will be allowed to escort the newborn to the follow-up clinic.
  • Outpatient: Adult outpatients may have one visitor throughout outpatient stay. Pediatric patients may have one parent/guardian and one other adult visitor. Visitors will remain in the waiting room at the designated 6 foot separation. Once the maximum amount of people who can safely be 6 feet apart is reached, visitors may be asked to remain in car until patient is ready for discharge.
  • ICU: Visiting hours will be from 12-12:30pm and 5:00-5:30pm. Upon patient’s admission to ICU, 2 people will be identified as part of the patient’s care team and will receive a special designated armband.  These 2 people will be allowed to visit at the specified times.  Once a visitor arrives to the ICU waiting room, they need to dial 2771 or 2772 from the waiting room phone to notify the nursing staff of arrival.
  • Emergency Room: Adult patients may have one designated visitor. Pediatric patients may have two adult visitors. COVID ER patients will not be allowed visitors. In the event the patient is admitted, visitors will must follow the policies above.


  • Any requests for exceptions to the visitation policy need to go through the House Manager who will coordinate with the corresponding floor manager or department director when available. Otherwise, the House Manager will make decisions on exceptions.
  • Everyone, including patients, visitors and employees, who enter the hospital, will be screened for a fever (100.4 degrees F or higher), cough, and shortness of breath. All visitors will be required to wear masks while moving through the hospital. Patients and visitors are allowed to remove masks while in a patient room but will assume the liability of risk of exposure if they remove it.
  • Visitors entering the hospital from 5AM-6PM should enter through the outpatient entrance. Visitors should only enter through the ER if they are with an ER patient or it is after 6PM.
  • Visitors of patients will be allowed to go to the cafeteria.
  • Cafeteria remains closed to the general public for now.
  • Children under the age of 14 will not be allowed to visit.
  • Clergy: Clergy will be allowed in the building to visit patients but must wear a “Clergy” badge upon entry. If they are visiting a COVID patient, they must be willing to dress out in appropriate PPE.
  • Medical records remains closed to the public. If you need medical records or a hard copy of your COVID test results, call 662-615-2900, and arrangements will be made to get the necessary paperwork to you.
  • The business office is open for paying bills only. Customers will be required to be screened and must wear a mask.
    • We strongly encourage patients to utilize our online services at and click on “Pay a Bill” or “Visit Patient Portal” on the homepage.
    • If you would like to pay a bill over the phone using a credit card, call the number on your bill or our business office at 662-615-2600 or 662-615-2601.
    • To register for the patient portal, call 662-615-2683 or email
  • The parking garage is closed to the public. Please utilize the front parking lots. Entrance to the hospital is limited to three access points:
  1. Outpatient (5 a.m. – 6 p.m.)
  2. Emergency Department (open 24/7)
  3. West Tower (Main Entrance)
    • Monday - Friday (5 a.m. - noon)
    • Saturday and Sunday (6 a.m. - 6 p.m.)
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