When Tyneisa Mickens slipped and fell walking down stairs earlier this year, she turned to OCH Orthopedic Center after experiencing persistent pain in her right knee.

“I had a torn ligament, and they explained my options to me. I could have surgery or try physical therapy. I wanted to try PT first to avoid having surgery, but I was still having a lot of pain even after therapy,” said Mickens.

When elective surgeries resumed in late summer, Mickens scheduled surgery with Dr. Chad Williams at OCH Regional Medical Center for medial patellofemoral ligament reconstruction surgery.

“I recommend trying conservative treatment first, but if dislocation of the patella continues to occur, that’s when the patient needs surgical reconstruction. Our goal is to get our patients back to their normal activity level,” said Dr. Williams, board-certified orthopedic surgeon.

Mickens admitted COVID-19 incited second thoughts about being in the hospital saying, “I was scared and nervous. Honestly, I didn’t want to do it, but I immediately felt better about it when I got to the hospital and saw everyone was taking precautions, and they made me feel comfortable.”

Three months after her surgery, Mickens completed her physical therapy with OCH Rehab Services Physical Therapist Blake Whatley and is getting back to her normal routine, even making healthy lifestyle changes.

“Tyneisa’s quadriceps (leg muscles) were weak, and she knows that, and that caused the patella (knee cap) to slip out of place and tear the ligament,” said Whatley.
“Many patients are referred to us for treatment because they’ve hurt themselves while completing routine tasks, and that’s one reason we encourage everyone to exercise regularly. When muscles are weak, they don’t function at their optimal level, making you more susceptible to injuries,” explained Whatley.

Mickens is heeding her physical therapist’s advice and joining the OCH Wellness Connection. Patients who complete therapy at OCH Rehab Services have their initial joining fee waived, and as a bonus, Whatley will be right next door in case Mickens should need him.

“I love him and would recommend him and Dr. Williams to anyone. They are some good people, and they took care of me.”

“With our surgery team, rehab services department and Wellness Connection all under the OCH umbrella, we’re able to work together to provide continuity of care to help our patients through the entire process,” said Whatley.

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