Sports Medicine Rehab

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Together with several student trainers, David Ruffin, Paul Mock, Corey Lock, Kenyon Shiflet, and Breeze Knupp serve as liasons between the Medical Center, its medical staff and the coaches and athletes at area schools and community organizations to enhance the care provided to athletes in this area.

 Annual High School Sports Physicals

With the help of OCH volunteers and staff physicians, the trainers provide almost 1,000 area athletes FREE pre-participation sports examinations each summer. These exams help detect abnormalities as well as problems that could potentially arise as a result of a player’s medical history or a pre-existing condition.

Saturday Morning Sports Clinic

OCH Athletic Trainers, along with area orthopedic surgeons, volunteer their time for a Saturday morning clinic free of charge to athletes. Further diagnostic testing that is required such as x-rays or MRIs are billed to the patient’s insurance. If there is no insurance, patients are responsible for payment.