Weight Management

Forget about sifting through the maze of nutrition and weight loss information! Our staff provides you with sound nutrition and weight management information and works to develop a program that fits your lifestyle!  We provide consultations for adults, children, or the entire family. 

  • Individualized meal plans – The plans ensure you are meeting 100% of your nutrient needs for your age, weight and height.
  • Shopping lists – Learn the right way to shop!
  • Dining out – Eat healthier at any restaurant.
  • Food preparation – Create healthy meals for your whole family!
  • Label reading – What do the numbers mean?
  • Guide to physical activity – Active or not, learn how to fit activity into your schedule!
  • Set achievable goals.

To start the OCH Weight Management Program, contact your physician or the OCH Office of Weight Management at (662) 615-2668 or (662) 615-2673.