Note from Administrator/CEO: 

As Administrator and CEO, I’d like to thank you for your interest in OCH Regional Medical Center.  We appreciate you visiting OCH’s website and hope that you will find the information here informative and helpful.  The site provides an overview of the many healthcare services and programs OCH offers; however, if you would like additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are dedicated to improving the health and well being of those in this area and look forward to serving you!

Kindest Regards,

James H. Jackson, Jr., CPA

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Administrator/Chief Executive Officer Jim Jackson, CPA
Susan Self, Executive Assistant

Correspondence for Administrator may be addressed to:

Jim Jackson,  Administrator/CEO
OCH Regional Medical Center
Post Office Box 1506
Starkville, Mississippi   39760

Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday


Associate Administrator/Chief Operating Officer Mike Andrews
Patsy Prisock, Administrative Secretary

Correspondence for Associate Administrator/COO may be addressed to:

Mike Andrews, Associate Administrator/COO
OCH Regional Medical Center
Post Office Box 1506
Starkville, Mississippi   39760


Chief Financial Officer Susan H. Russell
Joni Weeks, Administrative Secretary

Correspondence for CFO may be addressed to:

 Susan H. Russell, CFO
OCH Regional Medical
Post Office Box 1506
Starkville, Mississippi   39760


Chief Legal Officer and Compliance Officer Patricia J. Faver, JD
Courtney Coleman, Administrative Secretary – Compliance and Legal

Correspondence for Attorney may be addressed to:

Patricia J. Faver, CLO
OCH Regional Medical Center
Post Office Box 1506
Starkville, Mississippi   39760 

Chief Nursing Officer Tina Harper MSN, RNC
Ebony Hogan, Administrative Secretary – Nursing Administration

Correspondence for CNO may be addressed to:

Tina Harper
OCH Regional Medical Center
Post Office Box 1506
Starkville, Mississippi 39760


Seven members make up the Board of Trustees for OCH Regional Medical Center.  Each of the county supervisors appoints one member to represent his respective district. Two members are appointed “at-large” with each supervisor appointing in a rotating manner.  Each trustee serves a five-year term.

The Board meets in a regular session every month, with occasional special meetings called  when needed.

As with any corporate board, trustees are the overall supreme authority in the hospital.  Their first and primary duty is to hire a competent administrator and invest in him the necessary authority to run the hospital. They also appoint (or remove) each member of the medical staff, based upon the recommendation of such from the organized medical staff through its committee system, state law, and the board’s determination of the best interest of the patients the hospital serves.

Trustees accept a tremendous amount of responsibility, obligation, and liability when they agree to serve on the board of OCH.  They truly serve best when each member realizes the awesome responsibility of overseeing an organization that is, by nature, an extremely complex service that is vital to any growing, thriving community.

Linda Breazeale, District 3 Secretary

Linda Breazeale, District 3

Kimberley Brooks
Chair, District 5

Walter Williams, At Large

Walter Williams, Secretary At Large

Jimmy Linley, District 1

not pictured: Dr. Neil Amos, District 4; Michael Haddix, District 2

Correspondence to Board Members may be addressed to:

Board of Trustees
OCH Regional Medical Center
Post Office Box 1506
Starkville, Mississippi   39760